August 29, 2016 1:55 PM

The Box Canyon Fire is now at 20% containment and is moving in a southwest direction from Alpine Acres. Two Blackhawk helios have been deployed from the national guard to assist fire fighters to dump water on the blaze. Smith & Moorehouse is closed to all boating. Please remember that Alpine Acres Association has place a NO – OPEN FIRE Notice throughout the association. Please address all open fires with land owners and request that they be extinguished. 



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Call Sheriff dispatch at 435-615-3600 and leave your cabin phone number. Check www.summitcounty.org for information and updates. They will contact you if an evacuation order is implemented. 

No ‘open fire’ restriction has been placed on all of Alpine Acres Association. Please notify any violators of policy and report immediately. thank you – effective: 10:00 am 7/29/2106

We are located above Thousand Peaks Ranch at the end of the black top road out of Oakley, Utah. Most folks associate this road with the Smith Morehouse Reservoir location, a familiar fishing spot and camp ground for Utahns. Our peaceful association has been a family tradition for many generations of landowners.

Please watch for new updates to the website and on the road condition and access.