5/15/15 CHANGE NOTICE – ALERT: The one day chipping HAS BEEN MOVED TO JUNE 1st. 

5/15/15 ROAD SURFACE UPDATE – ALERT: The county  changed the road surface project to May 19th this coming Tuesday. They have requested limited use of the road until this time. Roads are very muddy and wet. Thank you for helping. 

Spring Message from the Board:

The mountains are one month ahead of normal this year. The road is open and dry and they are grading it following the winter traffic. I was in the high country and shocked to see the Aspen beginning to leaf out. Amazing! We have noticed that there is considerably more roadside garbage along the way into our beautiful association. We felt that if all of us take a moment to help with picking up any loose trash it would be cleaned up in a jiffy. So please throw in an extra garbage bag this spring trip in and help if you can!  Thanks again for letting us serve you. / The Alpine Acres Association Board / D. William Pettigrew – President

The annual picnic will be held on Saturday July 4, 2015 this year.

We are located above Thousand Peaks Ranch at the end of the black top road out of Oakley, Utah. Most folks associate this road with the Smith Morehouse Reservoir location, a familiar fishing spot and camp ground for Utahns. Our peaceful association has been a family tradition for many generations of landowners.

Please watch for new updates to the website and on the road condition and access.