Annual BBQ

Just a reminder and save the date for the Alpine Acres Association 2023 Annual Picnic
Date :        Saturday, July 1, 2023
Time:         Noon
Place:        Head of Cherokee Road
Invited:      All Association members and families welcome
Please bring chairs and anything else to make you comfortable and a side dish to share. The Association will be proving hamburgers and hotdogs as well as the trimmings. Drinks will also be provided.     Please be cognizant of where you park. The picnic location is private property and being used with permission from a fellow member. Please respectful of the property by carpooling, parking on the road, clear spots on the lot. etc.
Feel free to contact me or any other members of the board if you have any questions or concerns. Steven Stauffer – 801-634-6376


Multiple recent bear sightings.  

Some important reminders for your safety:

– Do not shoot or confront a bear on your property, stay in your cabin

– Keep garbage in secured containers

– Take hummingbird feeders down, and store, when not in use

– When hiking, take a loud whistle or air horn with you, bears will leave when faced with loud noise

– Report all bear sightings to:

Division of Wildlife Resources 801-829-2071

Thank you all for the new record turn out this year! Over 200 people attended the BBQ 2019! It is great building a community.

July 6th 2019 – Saturday | 1:00 pm – Fire Shed Area mouth of Cherokee Road | Please bring a side dish.

A special thank you to Gordy Daniels & Marilyn Monson for helping with all the preparations.

We will have visitors from the forest service to demonstrate the new fire kiln for Bio-Chart Soil Amendment. Ken Ludwig and Travis Right will join us. The Firewise team will demonstrate the use of the fire water tank.


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  1. We’ll be looking for volunteers to assist with road access for the chipping dates posted. All you need to do is meet the crew the morning of chipping and grant them gate access for your road. If you want to help speed things up you can certainly offer your labor. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Fire Council Chairman

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