September 7, 2021

Alpine Acres Association had a surprise visit during the Labor Day Holiday. Holiday Park had requested a public relations visit from the University of Utah medivac team out of Park City. They were unable to land in Holiday Park because of space and landing requirements.

They decided to land in Sage Brush Flats off Sioux road and spent over an hour and a half allowing folks to tour the helicopter and ask questions.

This team is based out of Park City. It was an impressive sight and the team members were extremely kind and supportive.

Here is a couple of shots with Jim Bringhurst, President of Alpine Acres and Bill Pettigrew in sage brush flats.

Please click on the attachment to read the April 10, 2021 Newsletter update from Michael Powell – President of Alpine Acres

Alpine Acres Association 4.2021

December 2021

Greetings Weber Canyon residents and property owners,

As most of you are aware, the recycle bin in the Weber Canyon transfer station area was removed last year due to inappropriate dumping and misuse of the facilities by a minority of users.

The misuse was egregious enough that the authorities considered shutting down the entire transfer station, but ultimately agreed to remove only the recycle bin.
Tim Loveday, Summit County Public Works Solid Waste Superintendent, has generously been working to provide and install cameras in the area to help mitigate misuse.
Toward that end, Summit County is asking anyone who witnesses dumping of inappropriate materials to please report the date, time and any other useful information by calling or email:
Summit County 3-mile landfill
Summit County Solid Waste

The recycle bin will be reinstalled – however, the bin and the area must be used correctly.
Some types of dumping are illegal, against Summit County ordinances or simply go against common sense and cost limited Summit County Public Works resources to clean up.  Please see the attachment for guidelines and the following:
– Please do not place any items or refuse on the ground or on top of the dumpsters.
– If the recycle bin is full, please take it to another recycling facility (for example, Recycle Utah has an excellent facility in Park City), or deposit it in one of the trash bins.  You are also welcome to call one of the phone numbers listed above to report full bins.

– Please do not leave any items in the area that you think might be picked up or repurposed by someone else.  Again, Recycle Utah has a place for some of these items

– Do not throw any kind of household trash in the recycle bin.
– Do not throw garbage bags full of recycled material in the recycle bin. Bags that haven’t been opened up and emptied out in to the recycle bin will be rejected.
– Cardboard boxes (broken down) need to be disposed of in the recycle bin.
Summit County has also included dumpster and recycle dumpster violations in their fee schedule – $250 for the first offense, $500 for subsequent offenses. Please see:
We all look forward to having access to the recycle bin again, and having a clean and manageable area.
Summit County needs everyone’s help on this. Please pass this message along to your Association members.
A big THANK YOU to Angela Dohanos, Alicia O’Meara (Weber Canyon residents) and Tim Loveday for your work and efforts getting the recycle bin back!
Thanks to everyone for all your help in this matter
Stephanie Weems, Board Member, Upper Weber Canyon Property Owners Association

Please see the May 18, 2020 update from the Board. Please click the Newsletter Spring 2020 title below

Newsletter Spring 2020

posted – 7.10.2017 – Alpine Acres Board

We wanted to share the most current update on the collective associations in the UWRCPA (Upper Weber Canyon Property Owners Association) regarding the new charges for the dump annual fees:

Letter to Board Members and all Members of Upper Weber Canyon Property Owners’ Association,  June 23, 2017

Last Thursday Don Vernon and I met with Tom Fisher a Manager for Summit County. As you may know Summit County has no Mayor or City Manager but  County Managers appointed by the Council.

Our goal was to try to convince him to lower our dump fee to $18.00 for non-year around residents, this was not accomplished.  It was a very cordial meeting and he is a very nice man, but he told us the fee was for every unit, dwelling and townhouse in Summit County and not for any certain amount of garage. The fee is for the relocation of the 3-mile dump. The fee in the beginning was going to be $120.00, but it was reduced by the Council to $36.00.

Also we will be billed again in July for $36.00. The other fee was for 2016.

One idea was that we be charged $1.00 more for upkeep of our dump, he thought this was a nice gesture but that it was the responsibility of the Summit County to maintain the dump, and he would take this information to the Council at budget time next year; some monies were appropriated for 2017.

On a positive note, we have 24/7 and 365 days a year dumping at our facility, unlike the cart people who only have garbage picked up once a week. 

Sincerely, Garl Fink, President | Don Vernon, Vice President 


Subject:  Bill from REPUBLIC services for a $36.00 for 65 Gallon Cart

Don Vernon and I met Wednesday with the Summit County Landfill Superintendent to clarify the charges on this bill.

We were told that the charges were to relocate the 3 mile dump which will cost millions over several years.

It was noted that Weber Canyon does not have trash “Carts”.  We were told that the billing was wrong and should not have said ” 1 – 65 Gallon Cart”.

There is major confussion within Summit County as to exactly what these charges are for. We  are working with Summit County to clarify them and will be going to a Summit County Council meeting in the near future. We will notify members and Presidents as to the time and place of this meeting as we would like as many members as possible to attend.

In the mean time this is our advice.

If you were billed for a Lot only without a dwelling you do not have to pay this bill.

Note on the bill ( NO DWELLING AT THIS LOT NUMBER ………….) and return the bill.

If you did get a bill we recommend you pay it to avoid late charges, pay the bill with this note.



Your Upper Weber Canyon Property Owners’ Association

Garl Fink, President

Don Vernon, Vice President


This person contact us to share their services:
Weber Canyon Cabin Care
Josh Hollingshead
Specializing in all seasonal cabin needs and more.


Dear Neighbors,
We will continue to have updates on our website: as well as a link you can go to to ready what the forest service is reporting on the fire.
It is expected to have the fire burn for the next 3 weeks. The recent weather has helped dramatically to control the fire activity. On 8/7 we had 3/4 to 1/2 rain and hail on the fire area.
In the meantime, the forest service has asked the following of all members until the box canyon fire is out:
– Please leave all private gates open / unlocked
– All gates must have a green lock on them which is associated with the Forest Service
– A ‘No Open Fire’ Restriction is now in place until further notice
– Please report any open fire activity directly to board members – 783-7708
Just prior to the fire breakout the Fire Council team completed two full days of chipping all the piles along all AAA roads.
– Rocky Mountain services cleared many of the power lines over the last 2 weeks and in some areas we have numerous trees down which landowners will need to work actively on to clean up.


– The spruce beetle kill continues to migrate through the area and many of these trees are large and close to structures. The crew from Trees, Inc. will cut down these trees safely for a very reasonable price and at least get them to the ground.
If you have interest please contact: Colby 801-404-3887 Redd 801-885-1131 these guys are professionals and if you have concerns you can speak with Brad Fritz who had some very large trees cut down by Colby & Redd
Thank you for working so hard to keep Alpine Acres such a beautiful place.
6/30/2015 Please see Fire Council tab on recent update on the status of the lodge pole pines and spruce beetle update from PJ Abrahams
5/27/2015 – Update on Garbage Dump – Improved fencing and upgrades on the dump containers will be implemented in an effort to reduce Bear activity. Please use caution when throwing garbage away during non-daylight hours.
May 2015 – Spring Message from the Board:

The mountains are one month ahead of normal this year. The road is open and dry and they are grading it following the winter traffic. I was in the high country and shocked to see the Aspen beginning to leaf out. Amazing! We have noticed that there is considerably more roadside garbage along the way into our beautiful association. We felt that if all of us take a moment to help with picking up any loose trash it would be cleaned up in a jiffy. So please throw in an extra garbage bag this spring trip in and help if you can!  Thanks again for letting us serve you. / The Alpine Acres Association Board / D. William Pettigrew – President

Alpine Acres Summer Picnic

Date:   Saturday, July 4, 2015
Time:   1:00 p.m.
Place:  Association Corral property – Cherokee Road

(Please bring your own chairs)

This is a fun pot luck affair for dues-paying members.  It is suggested that ANY FAMILY THAT ATTENDS SHOULD BRING A SIDE DISH OF THEIR CHOICE TO SHARE WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS.  In order to have adequate food for everyone, it is very important to CONTACT Gordon Daniels (801-706-4345)  with the number attending from your family. His email is

 The 2015 Newsletter will be posted June 1, 2015


Hello, Neighbors!  This is the June 2011 NEWSLETTER, a publication of the ALPINE ACRES ASSOCIATION.

President’s Message:

Thanks to everyone who attended the Annual Meeting on April 18, 2011.  Three Board positions were open and were filled by:

David  Pack- President
Bill Pettigrew – Vice President
Ginger Silvers – Treasurer
Gordon Daniels – Secretary
Jeremy Jones – Member at large

Alpine Acres Summer Picnic

Date:   Saturday, July 2, 2011
Time:   1:00 p.m.
Place:  Association Corral property – Cherokee Road

(Please bring your own chairs)

This is a fun pot luck affair for dues-paying members.  It is suggested that ANY FAMILY THAT ATTENDS SHOULD BRING A SIDE DISH OF THEIR CHOICE TO SHARE WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS.  In order to have adequate food for everyone, it is very important to CONTACT Ginger Silvers (801-277-5117, 435-783-7512  with the number attending from your family.

Flooding Issues

The County has delivered sand bags and sand to Alpine Acres at gate 6.  Use what you need; they will deliver more if needed.  The run off will begin in earnest soon.

Fire Council Update
Bob Sluder, Project Chairman

It is arraigned with Summit County to have a chipper come to AA Thurs-Fri, July 7-8. .  They will come down the roads as we have done in the past.  The slash needs to be stacked with ends toward the road.  This makes it much easier to feed into the chipper. The chipper can handle up to 12 inch diameter wood.

There is a possibility that more assistance will be available from the State Forestry dept. again this fall.  Please keep track and report man hours spent cleaning up from winter and beetle damage.  Contact Gordon Daniels for a reporting form.  We have used all of our banked hours so we need to build that asset up to take advantage of this potential help.

Alpine Acres Spray Project 2011
Will Pratt, Spray Coordinator

A representative from the State will be at A.A. on Friday June 17 at 1PM  to explain how to identify infested trees, spraying standards etc.  All are invited.

CHECK OUT THESE WEBSITES!  for current weather conditions, forecasts, etc.


At this time of year, campfires are permitted in “approved” fire pits.  But when fire season arrives, there will be postings of “NO FIRES”…and that means even in “approved” fire pits…not even charcoal fires.  And as always, NO FIREWORKS are allowed.  Save our beautiful Alpine Acres!

Alpine Acres 2010 Newsletter

Alpine Acres 2009 Newsletter

Alpine Acres 2008 Newsletter

Alpine Acres 2007 Newsletter


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  1. Figured I would inform everyone of the following meeting.

    Welcome to Pine Mountains

    Welcome to the Pine Mountains’ web site. The last five announcements are listed below. For a complete listing of announcements and news please access the Announcements and Newsletters pages.

    Annual Meeting – Date Change
    The date of the annual meeting of the Upper Weber Property Owners Association was previously mis-stated. The correct date and time is March 21, 2016 at 6:30 P.M. This is a Monday night. (02/29/2016)

    New Board Member
    Darin Ross, who received the second highest number of votes at the Annual Meeting last September was appointed to the Board. He will serve the remainder of Carl O’Gwin’s term after his passing away on January 15th. (02/26/2016)

    Annual Meeting – Upper Weber Property Owners Association
    The annual meeting of the Upper Weber Property Owners Association will be held March 21, 2016 at 6:30 P.M. This is a Monday night. There will be representatives there from Summit County,The Sheriff’s Department, Fire Warden, Fish and Game and other local agency’s to discuss items of interest and answer questions from cabin and property owners in the Canyon. Please plan to attend. The meeting will be held at the County complex, North Building in the County council chambers. The address is 2100 South State, SLC – the building is on the North East corner. (02/12/16)

    Figure someone might follow up.

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