Wildlife Updates – Bear Sightings

DWR Contact – Bruce Johnson 801-541-3906
Things to remember:
– Landowners are responsible to damaged property if humming bird feeders, garbage or other food attractors are found reason for the bears to come in and do damage. Even if it is not YOUR property.
– Humming Bird feeders are the worst. Even if stored in your cabin. Bear can even smell inside of cabin. Store them in air-tight bucket when not in use.
– Do not shoot or confront bears on your property. You will be fined if you do harm or discharge firearms within the association.
– Best to have bells or whistles on you when taking long hikes. Make plenty of noise will deter bears and avoid confrontation.
– Report all sighting to Bruce Johnson. He is the expert over all bear activity in our region of the state. His expertise is extensive and he will investigate all sightings and retain recorded incidents.
 Current sighting/activity:
June 2, 2013 – Corner of Yosemite – 7 pm – Lot with blue tarp & old cabin – Witness: Brad Fritz – Clara & Brad Fritz reported to DWR, Bruce Johnson. Two cinnamon bears seen on corner. One man got off ATV and young bear stood up and took good look at him. Bears moved off to higher country.

June 6, 2013:
Bill Pettigrew – I spoke with two DNR representatives who stopped by my cabin to ask about any bear sightings. Lot 32/33 Sioux road. We arrived on Wed. and I found two fresh bear scat    droppings. DNR estimated it to be less than 12 hours old. We did not see any bears. But the DNR said that all garbage should be kept inside. NO hummingbird feeders should be used. Outside grills should be put away. They are considering setting some traps during the week in an effort to relocate this bear. Please be mindful WE are in the bears front living room. Problem bears only become problems when they have access to easy food sources. This bear shows little sign of fear.
June 8, 2013:
I spoke with Bob Sluders son who came face to face (15 feet away) from bear at yellow lake. The bear maintained eye contract as they moved apart but showed little sign of fear. Hiker was just walking and came upon the bear.


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