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Please click on this document to read the new approved minutes for the 2021 meeting. 8/2/2021

2021 minutes confirmed

Newsletter Spring 2020

The Board emailed out this letter today updating on the impact of Covid-19 and the impact on 2020 events.

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Please Note: Due to the current restrictions due to the virus, the Annual Meeting has been cancelled. Please watch for an email update or for those without emails on file a Newsletter update from the board.

All new updates will be posted as we get more information on the website Home Page. Thank you and we hope all of you stay safe and well. Alpine Acres Board Members

2019 Minutes of the Annual Meeting:

To be posted soon 2/26/2020

2018 Meeting Notes:

Posted but not read into the annual meeting on April 15, 2019 please click on link below 2018 minutes 4.5.2019

2018 minutes 4.5.2019

Please see the meeting notes of the April 2017 Meeting: (Click the Blue Link Below)

final 2017 AA meeting minutes 6.1.17

Monday, April 20, 2015

                                    Alpine Acres Association Meeting Minutes

  1. Welcome/Introductory business by Gordon Daniels

A-Call to order

B-Quorum establishment

C-Welcome introductions

D-Agenda packet overview

E-Attendance roll and contact information update

F-Minutes approval from prior Annual Meeting April 21, 2014 by Patty Brinkerhoff

G-Confirmation of next Annual Meeting April 18, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

H-Confirmation of annual BBQ for Saturday, July 4, 1:00 p.m.

I-Association member and associates passing away-Doug Bott

  1. Update on Gardner Fork Bridge Project by Gordon Daniels- Everything is a go for this year.
  1. Update on Upper Weber Canyon meeting-Minutes read by Patty Brinkerhoff, who is a new member of the Board of the Upper Weber Canyons Association
  1. Clarify election needs-We have elected the following five new Board members:
  • President-Bill Pettigrew
  • Vice President-Mike Powell
  • Treasurer-Tim Pratt
  • Secretary/Web Master-Clayton
  • Member at Large-Patti Brinkerhoff
  1. Guest Speaker Jaren Scott with The Waste Management  (435) 336-3983

Changes were discussed regarding bear-proofing our cans at the dump. We will possibly be installing bear-proof cans, but for now, use caution and make a lot of noise when you go into the dump because there could be bears inside the cans. There was a sighting of the largest bear in Utah at the dump last year. If you see mischievous bears or are harassed by any, please call Brent Kaysza at (801) 541-3906 to report it.

  1. Fire Safety-Jim Warburton

Work forms are on the web site for people who want to submit their hours worked. They are working on the fire wagon.

  1. New business-

A-Catherine Skinner, who is building a new cabin on her lot, advised that sprinklers are now mandatory in all new cabins being built.

B-Bill Pettigrew brought up addressing the taxes we pay on our cabins to Summit County again. He believes that if we get enough support, we may be able to get something accomplished this time.

  1. Summit County Sherriff’s Department advised that they were just allocated 2 motorcycle policemen to patrol Weber Canyon Road, so LOOK OUT, they will be watching!

Meeting Notes from April 2014 – Alpine Acres Association:

AAA notes April 2014

Holiday Greetings from Association President

Dec. 4, 2013 – Dear Alpine Acres friends,

Thank you for your trust and teamwork as we accomplished many projects and tasks this season!  We look forward to finishing gate and bridge repairs next season–plans and assembly are already in progress through the winter.                                                           

We appreciate the opportunity of serving you and look forward to meeting with you soon. Best wishes for a happy holiday season!  We hope you enjoy good health and good company of family and friends.  

Sincerely yours, Alpine Acres board of directors / David Pack / Bill Pettigrew / Gordon Daniels / Spencer Park / Patti Brinkerhoff

Minutes of the annual meeting of Alpine Acres Association / April 15, 2013

David Pack called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm

He introduced the Board and outlined the meeting agenda

Secretary Report – Gordon Daniels reviewed the minutes and asked for email updates to be given to him.

Minutes were approved.

Treasurer Report / Ginger Silvers reviewed the financial statement and discussed folks who have not paid dues.

Vice President Bill Pettigrew gave a demonstration of the web site. The website is address  He gave a tutorial as to how to get into it.

The Upper Weber Association meeting will be held on the 24th of April and notes will be posted on the web site.

Sergeant Andrew Wright presented an incident report for all police incident

in Weber canyon.  The report was included in the meeting packet.

There were no reported thefts in 2012 in the canyon.

The fire forecast for summer 2013 is projected to be similar to 2012.  There will be strict enforcement of fire laws.

He asked us to report all theft incidents no matter how small.

The noise ordinance restrictions begin at 9:00 pm and end at 7:00 am

The floor was opened for questions.  The subject of Lot ID was brought up and everyone was asked to put up some sort of identifying signage on the property facing the road.

It was suggested to put lot numbers on the gates.

Some folks have done this and we were all encouraged to participate.

The sheriff cannot enforce speeding on association roads but can enforce reckless driving.

Fire Council – Bob Sluder

Congratulations to everyone for the community help in fire defense.  Keep it up

The dry fire hydrant system is installed at middle fork and Weber fork.  These are for trucks to fill with water for transportation to any fires. (see fire council blog on website to see a picture of what they look like.)

Alpine Acres is one of 10 fire wise communities in the state.

Chipper program will continue this year with the county.  Please pull any branches to association roads.  We were encouraged to be there to help the chipper crews so that more work can be accomplished per chipper visit.

An air raid type wind up horn has been purchased and will be housed at the association shed to be used for fire alerts and emergencies. This will be demonstrated at the July 4th BBQ for the association.

The water wagon will be repaired a new tank has been purchased and a new pump.

No restriction, just use common sense

Stage one fire restriction – Fire must be in an approved fire pit.

Stage two is no fires at all.

Fire fighting tools have been purchased and are located in the association shed.

David Pack / President

Lot number signs can be built for about $5.00 each and be attached on the cabin or closer to the road which ever works best.

No one opposed the idea.

Questions were brought up as to the legality of putting the owner’s names on the lot plat map.  The issue was referred to a board meeting.

Pine beetle spray is not recommended for this year as they are moving out.

The spruce beetle is moving in over the next few years.

The county is working on providing spray for Thistle weeds. David is working on this with Kevin Callihan from the county.

Encouragement was given to keep the email list up to date.

He reviewed projects completed over the last three years.

He unveiled the new portable sound system to use at the BBQ.

Vote on new time (7pm) confirmed. As well as the meeting date being moved to the third week.

Gardner fork bridge work was discussed as well as the log jam further down the river.

Gate work continues

Sioux road gate is bad and in need of repair.

Gate 9 is the only one that does not have an association lock.

A question was raised about the condition of the locks on the gates.  A combination lock solution was proposed.

Fridge magnet with important and board numbers can be made, everyone liked the idea.  They will be ready for the picnic.

How often does the county plan on grading the road.

Nominations were opened for 3 openings on the board.

Gordon Daniels was nominated and seconded

Spencer Parks volunteered and was seconded

Patty Brinkerhoff was nominated and seconded.

The vote was unanimous for all three.

It was asked if pictures could be sent to the web site of established fire pits. (these have already been posted up on the website under fire council blog)

The meeting was closed at 8:34

Board meeting Members attending:

David Pack  President / Bill Pettigrew  Vice President /Gordon Daniels  Secretary / Spencer Park  Treasurer / Patricia Brinkerhoff  at large

Follow Up Action Items – April 15, 2013 Board Items

The board shares the following list to be completed for all associate members: Message from the President:

Dear Alpine Acres board friends,

Thank you for a great annual meeting!  I appreciate the great teamwork.  A
hearty welcome to Patti and Spencer!

As with the past three years, I think it would e GREAT to “get the monkey
off our backs,” so to speak, early in the season so that we can report
back to everyone at the annual BBQ that many/all projects are completed or
at least under way.

SIGNS:  Individual cabin lot, gate lots, and repair/replace road signs
GATES:  Widen/repair/replace and universal combo lock
MAGNETS: For fridge ready-reference phone numbers
UPKEEP: Usual road gravel, bridge inspection, bulletin board, common area,

The shortest “to do” list we’ve had!  I have already contact Rick Osguthorpe regarding gates and upkeep bids. I spoke with Kevin Callahan of Summit County Public Works and he said
county road grating is at least once per year, and they wait until the  road is dry so their equipment doesn’t undo what they are trying to  accomplish.  He also said the plan is to definitely strive for having the
road cleared prior to memorial Day.

I spoke with Jack Marchant of Summit County Weed Mitigation regarding
mountain thistle and he said we can have a crew come up and spray big
areas and / or interested residents can pick up sprayers.

I also called Sergeant Wright to see if they have any more magnets with
important phone numbers already made.
Bill Pettigrew will have the contact information for cabin signs.

David Pack

Alpine Acres Association Annual Meeting Minutes, Monday April 17, 2012, County Govt. Center, SLC, UT

President David Pack called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Directors in attendance: David Pack, Bill Pettigrew, Gordon Daniels, Ginger Silvers, Jeremy Jones was excused.

Gordon Daniels, secretary, reviewed the minutes, which had been emailed to the membership earlier and handed out as attendees entered the room.  The minutes were approved and will be posted on the web site.

Treasurers report: Ginger Silvers reported that the year began with $ 366.35 in the bank.   $8,800.00 was received in membership dues.  Expenditures for the year totaled $6,026.52 leaving a balance of $3,139.83 Details will be posted on the web site.  The treasurers report was approved as read.

Vice President Bill Pettigrew gave a report on the Upper Weber River Association meeting held earlier in April.

Canadian Thistle is a growing problem, the County will supply concentrated Round up at cost.  A sprayer can also be reserved.  Call 435-336-3970 for details.

The chipper program will be available again this year.  Each association was encouraged to continue with fuel reduction programs.

A brighter light will be installed at the garbage dumpsite.  This area is the number one bear sighting place in the Weber Canyon drainage.

The lodge pole bark beetle seems to be in a non-break out status.  Grant dollars are no longer  available at this time.

The Spruce beetle will be a problem in the next two years.  Spraying is still recommended and must be done before the middle of June.

The bear population continues to grow check for information.

The Sherriff stressed the need of having lot numbers of the cabins to help them respond to problems.

Full minutes of this meeting will be posted on the web site.

Bob Sluder reported that Alpine Acers is one of 7 fire wise areas in the State and has been recertified for 2012.  Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Jim Warburton told us that a community workday would be organized to clean up more dead wood.  Details of this project will be sent out via Email and the web site as well as mail.

Fire fighting tools have been purchased and are in the association shed.  A search for an alarm siren is under way.  The fire council is also going to check into a dry hydrant system.

David Pack reviewed the accomplishments of the past year.

  1. A $47,000 grant was obtained for bridge repair work due to last years flooding.
  2. The County delivered sand and bags to Alpine Acres to combat flooding and a bagging device was built to fill the bags.
  3. Work in kind hours helped to buy fire tools.
  4. The firewise certification is a real accomplishment for our association.
  5. Everyones efforts against the pine beetle has really helped to keep Alpine Acres such a beautiful place.
  6. The annual BBQ was a great success.  The pictures taken of some of our members and Smokey the Bear won 7th place in a national photo with Smokey contest.
  7. David thanked Rick Osguthorpe for his great work on the riverbanks and other projects.  We have been able to build an emergency reserve  because of his generous work for the association.
  8. Relationships with the County are very good at this time.
  9. The BBQ date was set for July 7,2012 at 1:00p.m.

David then reviewed the election process and turned the time over to Gordon to conduct the elections.

David Pack and Bill Pettigrew were reelected by acclimation

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Gordon Daniels, Secretary

Annual Meeting Minutes – 2011

Annual Meeting Minutes – 2010


Annual Meeting — 2 Comments

  1. So glad to see that the chippers came by and removed our limb piles. We had 2 trees fall in the last 2 yrs. We needed this help. Thank you. It looks so much better.

  2. Thanks for being so prompt in getting the chipper this year! We had a micro-burst on our property and had a lot of downed trees, including one on our roof and one on our power line. Rocky Mountain power was very quick to respond and we were up and running in no time. Thanks!

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