Annual Dues

For those new landowners / cabin owners we offer a warm welcome to you to join the association and benefit from the collective effort of us all. Please just send your annual due directly to Scott Kimber or any board member. If you can provide your mailing address and email we will make sure we get you all the communications.

Please see the cabin notice which was circulated during the July 1st 2017 weekend: Thanks in advance for your support.

2017 membership drive letter

This one-page summary illustrates what your $100 per year dues contribute to your association:
Highlights from 2011 season:
1. $47,000 grant bridge repair due to last year’s flooding.
2. Sandbags and sand delivered on-site for flood mitigation
3. Sandbagger built
4. Government clean up assistance due to heavy snow from FEMA and DNR
5. County road plowed and repaired many times
6. Disproportionate amount of county resources allocated to Alpine Acres
7. In-kind submitted work hours making a difference
8. $500 investment in fire tools
9. Firewise recertification
10. Mountain pine beetle mitigation 97% effective
11. Smokey Bear attended our annual BBQ
12. Wildland Firefighter from US Forest Service spoke at BBQ
13. National Photo contest 7th place award with Smokey Bear
Status report of action items from April 2012 annual meeting:
A. New state HOA regulations compliant ($500 reserve fund—already had set)
B. “No Shooting” signs application submitted and endorsed by county (waiting for Forest Service approval)
C. Petition for increased police patrolling of area (completed multiple times)
D. HOA permanent registered agent designated (David Pack volunteered)
E. Bylaw change to commence annual meeting at 7:00pm (complete)
F. Work day date scheduled (chipper service today)
G. Research water pump, dry hydrant and air horn options (Contact Fire Warden, also in AAA shed)
H. Lot numbers on individual cabins (personal property issue—will place on gates)
I. Road maintenance (already complete)
J. New webmaster (facebook a less expensive, more user-friendly and more accessible option)
Additional plans for remainder of 2012 season:
1. Maintenance and repair of gates (design, locks, signs—meeting 10:00am Sunday if interested)
2. Assessment of property needs (shed and bridge reinforcement)
3. Continued vigilance in fire education and prevention (fire pits, parking, utilities, clean up services)
Brief informational updates / remarks from:
A. Area Forester PJ Abram via David Pack (pine beetle efforts successful, budgets decreased)
B. Fire Warden Bryce Bowyer via David Pack (,  no target practice, manages 1M acres)
C. County Public Works director Kevin Callahan via David Pack (60 trained fire staff, 65 fires in county)
D. Bill Pettigrew (website)
E. Rick Osguthorpe (road repair, gate assessment meeting)
F. Bob Sluder (fire pit regulations, chipper schedule)
Special guest keynote speaker:
* County Sherriff Sergeant Wright (firearms, river diversion, speeding, trespassing, theft, safety, etc.)


Annual Dues — 4 Comments

  1. My brother, Don Goetz was the one receiving the dues notice & other communications from the Association for our cabin at #98 Yosemite Dr. Sadly, Don passed away on 05/25/17. Please send future notices to Lonny Goetz.

  2. You sent us a statement last year, will you be sending that out again, included addresses and payment information.
    Lisa Kolstad

  3. I am not getting the notice for annual dues. My husband Craig Stirling is dying of cancer, so please send all notices now to this address: Ramona Stirling 1723 Ensign Bay, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121, or to my email. We are getting the newsletter from Marilyn Monson.

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