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Thanks again for reaching out, we appreciate your work to be proactive.



From: Ted Pratt <tcpratt@live.com>
Date: March 22, 2023 at 12:34:36 PM MDT
To: kmcmullin@summitcounty.org
Cc: jkirby@summitcounty.org
Subject: Upper Weber River Flood PlanHi Kathryn,

I am Ted Pratt, the President of the Holiday Park Corp. Our property is located in upper Weber Canyon. I am writing this email on behalf of property owners, to introduce myself, and find out what resources are available for flooding issues in the area. I am in communication with the leaders of Weber River Corp, Thousand Peaks, and Alpine Acres (all blind copied on this email). We are collaborating to help each other get through what could be a difficult spring run-off, and want to make sure Summit County is an integral part of our plans, as well as being part of yours. All of the property owner associations in the upper canyon are onboard to help with proactive preparedness in order to minimize flood dangers, and property damage. Below are some of our initial questions: 
Does the county have a plan in place to deal with flooding in the upper Weber Canyon? Does the county have plans to plow open the Weber Canyon road in late May or when?  Are sand & bags available to be delivered up the canyon, and in various locations?  Is there or can there be, a 24 hour hotline to contact Summit County with reports of flooding or potential dangerous live events? Are you posting any heavy equipment in the canyon for tree removal from river/bridges, mud slides, or for rerouting purposes? What can we do to help with your plans? We are all concerned with spring run-off this year, each property with unique challenges. We want keep in contact if there is any way we can help each other i.e. Summit County plans, association meetings, and collective resources. I have looked at the Website (https://summitcounty.org/2342/14629/Flooding-Information) as well as signed up for emergency alerts that Jessica Kirby sent me. I have emailed our group your Summit County Spring Runoff Situation Report 3.20.23 and will keep them updated. Please include me in your future reports. We’re hoping for a slow introduction to summer but want to be prepared for the alternative; we’re all in this together! On behalf of The Upper Weber Canyon Group, Thanks … Ted tcpratt@live.com  m: 801-230-2900